Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Is My Kind of Shopping--98% savings!

I've pretty much been house bound the last couple of weeks, waiting for my 1st trimester to pass, so I haven't gone shopping.  That is until today.  I did a MARATHON shopping trip & I'm super excited by the result.  Maybe it's because I haven't been out in the world much lately; maybe it's because I saved money.  Either way, let me show you.  

My first stop was Big Lots.  I haven't been in ages, but I saw in their sale flier they had English biscuits that I LOVED in India, so I had to make the extra stop. 

To my delight I also found Pacific Organic Soups for $1.00!  I love these soups, but they're usually in the $3.50 range, so we rarely buy them.  Previously I found some on clearance at Target for $2.83, which was cheapest I've seen in ages, so for $1 I definitely stocked up & saved myself somewhere in the $30 range!

My 2nd stop was Kohl's.   I had a $10 store coupon sent in the mail & needed to use it before it expired.  For the record, I have no idea how you get these store coupons, but I am beyond thrilled when Kohl's sends them my way.  I usually try to purchase clearance items, but I needed black leggings for E's Halloween costume, so my hands were tied. 

 I ended up with 2 pairs of Carter's leggings & after a sale & the store credit I spent $2.19.  I can't get leggings for $1.08 at the resale shop & I haven't felt well enough to garage sale, so I was thrilled with this price; especially for brand new leggings!

My last stop was JC Penney's.  I had a $17 store credit from a returned gift, so I wanted to see what I could get for Emerson.  I was hoping for maybe one complete outfit, but I came away with a ton. 

I got:  1 maternity top, 3 skirts, a pair of pajama shorts, a pair of pajama pants, a polo shirt, & a little sweater all for $0.90 after my store credit!  All of the children's items were marked down to $1.97 & the maternity shirt was $4.97--down from $36.  I ended up saving $125.18 from full retail price!

Both of my clothing shopping trips combined I spent $3.09 OOP for $160.62 worth of stuff.  That's a 98% savings!  WaHoooo!
All & all it was an excellent day for deals & I was quite pleased with my haul.  If only all shopping trips could be this exciting!

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