Sunday, May 19, 2013

Frugal Accomplishments Of The Past Two Weeks

Things have been a little chaotic around here as we've celebrated 3 birthdays, Mother's Day, & are preparing for our upcoming anniversary.  As a result, we've been out of our regular schedule, so this is a list of my frugal accomplishments over the last two weeks. 

Our haul
  •  Our major accomplishment was strawberry picking.  We went to a local farm & hand picked 21 lbs.  It was a wonderful time as a family, Harper was very content in her stroller, & Emerson was quite the little picker.  After the work we were able to see the animals on the farm, which the girls just loved.  
  • From the strawberries I froze a gallon whole, sliced, packed, & froze 16 cups of strawberries, & made 10 jars of freezer jam. & a lemon scented strawberry mascarpone trifle.  The only down side was my plastic huller broke, so I had to replace it.  Fortunately $1.99 bought a super cute metal huller with a strawberry on the handle. 
  • I saved the mushy parts of the strawberries & their collective juices for smoothies
Emerson & JC
  • We ate out for  JC's birthday, but ate at lunch time & used coupon, which feed our family of four for $12.
  •  I took the girls to library for Toddler Time
  • We took the girls to a free carnival thrown by Parents as Teachers, a program in which we participate.
  • We ate dinner at church on Wednesday
  • I sorted through hand-me-downs for the girls & added the next sizes to their closets.  Each time I do this I am blown away by the generosity of our families, and feel so blessed to be able to pull out clothes to fit our girls needs. 
Little donkey at the farm
  • I hung many loads of wash on the line, as well as one load inside 
  • I made a batch of laundry soap
  • I cleaned out & organized the freezer
  • We ate bagels & bread we got for a dollar at the bakery outlet
  • I rescued batteries from random items in the house to be reused in a few of the girls' things.
  • I made foaming body wash
  • I gave our teething Harper girl Tylenol we got as a free sample from the pediatrician
  • JC cleaned out our garage & we pulled out stuff for our upcoming garage sale
  • I made rags from a holey pair of pants 
  • I mended a sweater & reattached the handle of Emerson's favorite purse
  • I got a free pair of undies from Victoria Secret for my birthday
  • I used a $10 any $10 purchase to get two t-shirts for $4 
  • I sent away for some free samples & received some in the mail
  • We lost our Roku remote, which was not good, but we found a FREE app, so our phones now double as remotes
  •  I walked to church for choir practice instead of driving
  • I received my first All You magazine from a subscription I earned with Coke Rewards.  

Hope you all have been well & have been finding ways to help your pocket books & the Earth.  Have a good week!

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