Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reuse: Gift Materials

In recent years we have had many occasion to receive gifts:  wedding showers, wedding, baby showers, baby, baby's first birthday.   For all of those gifts, and all of those celebrations, we have received many, many gift bags.  Now I grew up in a house where we saved and reused all bows, boxes, and gift bags associated with gift giving, so this is not a new idea; but man, do I have a collection!  I have been collecting all of the many gift bags we have received in recent years, and  since we've moved to Arkansas, I have also been collecting tissue paper that is still in good condition.  If you have never considered doing this, it is an amazingly worthwhile frugal habit.  Gift bags/tissue/bows are OBSCENELY overpriced.

I keep all of my gift bags in a large gift bag that was somewhat crunched from transporting a gift from our wedding shower.  I then organized them within that bag:  wedding/baby/Christmas/birthday-- all smallest to largest within their category.  Yes, I realize that this is a little OCD, but it saves so much time when I need to wrap something last minute.

As far as tissue paper goes, up until recently it was shoved in a large crunched up gift bag.  Nice, huh?  However, we have had many a snow day here, and on a recent snow day I neatly folded up all of my saved tissue and organized it by color and pattern.  I have to say it was time consuming, but I was bored, and it was something for my idle hands to do, and I hope it saves time in the future.

My salvaged bows are just thrown in this gift bag that is too crunched to use to give gifts.

So, for all of you, dear friends, who will have a special occasion shortly, I hope you enjoy your present, given to you in a reused bag, stuffed with reused tissue, and tied with a reused bow.

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