Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fun, nearly free weekend

I've been meaning post this, especially because it has to do with the weekend; however, lately Little E might need to be renamed to Baby-Cries-A-Lot. Needless to say I haven't had the chance. Anyhoo...

We have recently started the cash envelope system. We have set aside cash for groceries, clothing, allowances, etc. I feel like it's working really well. We're more conscious of what we're spending because we have a physical reminder of how much we have left after each transaction.

Friday we got two Redbox movies and stayed home and watched them. Cost: Free. If you have yet to embrace Redbox it is amazing. You can rent current movies for a dollar, or with a code for free. I've signed up for Redbox's emails, so occasionally they will send me a code for a free rental, however, you can also search for codes online. I'm not sure if this is entirely ethical, but while I feel ambiguity about it, I'm taking advantage. The codes can only be used once ever on a debit/credit card, and it does magically keep track. (When we moved from Indiana to Arkansas I thought that the different machines would not know we've used the codes, but alas, I was wrong). Next time you go to your local Redbox try it. The codes I've personally used that work are: Breakroom, DVDonme, and at Walgreen's DVDatwa.
Check more codes out here: http://www.insideredbox.com/redbox-codes/

Saturday we went to Target and spent a grand total of $8 for $45 worth of merchandise! So exciting. With the combination of sales and coupons we got several things for free and others at greatly reduced prices. Here's how we did it.

Excedrin $5.99--I had a $5.99 coupon from an Excedrin promotion that sadly is no longer running.
2 Up and Up bottles of contact solution $4.39-$1 off Up and Up purchase from Parents Magazine.
1 pckg of Poise Liners (I sadly had to purchase some after a month of living on samples) $4.52-$2 coupon from a sample.
1 pckg of Qtips $1.59-$1 coupon off any Johnson's product from a Sunday insert
4 boxes of Kashi cereal $2.88. I had 4 coupons from Vocalpoint*. One coupon for a free box, and 3 for $1.50 off.
We also got two gallons of milk and some grapefruit juice.
Our subtotal was $45 then we had a reduction of coupons, and we used two gift cards we had gotten for free from previous purchases. We also had a $3.80 return which was also added to our grocery envelope too. (I had bought some dandruff conditioner thinking it was shampoo. Unfortunately that is something I have to buy because I suffer from oh so attractive dandruff in the winter. That's another post though).

Grand total for all of the above $8, but I suppose after the return it was more like $4.20. Woo HOo.

I've been trying to save a lot of money with coupons and sales for ages, but I'd say this was by far my best shopping trip EVER.

Sunday we took a family walk down to our library where we got a ton of DVDs and books. I'm currently reading Chelsea Handler's My Horizontal Life which is hilarious. On the walk home we picked up a Sunday paper for $1, which contained a ton of great coupons. It was great to get out, enjoy the weather and spend time together as a little family.

All of this simple fun cost a grand total of $9. I realize that it might sound like a boring weekend to some, but for us, it's a simple life, and we love it.

*Vocalpoint is a great website to sign up for. I'm not quite sure how it works, but they select you for different products to try and then you provide feedback. A great way to get freebies! Vocalpoint.com

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