Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When It's Ok To Pay Retail

I am currently 1 week away from my 3rd trimester & with Emerson coming 3 weeks early, I am beginning to feel the clock winding down.  One of the many, many things on our to do list was to get E in a big girl bed before the arrival of Little Baby.  At the suggestion of you lovely readers I searched craigslist & freecycle to absolutely no avail.   After weighing all of our options & with time winding down, we finally had to bite the bullet & buy a brand new bed as economically as possible. 

Using the refund from our Flex Spending Account we bought these bunk beds& trundle from Amazon for $422 after a $20 deduction from my Swagbucks giftcards.  Though I doubt we will use the trundle as a bed, we essentially paid $141 for each bed, which seemed to be a fair price.

We chose to build the top bunk as E's bed so as to avoid (for now) purchasing 2 additional mattresses &  additional guard rails.  We then bought a Serta twin mattress for $99 from Big Lots, which was by far the cheapest price I found for a name brand mattress in our area. 

When it came to bedding I spent absolutely no money.   I have sheets & a blanket leftover from my freshman year of college & my MIL gave my husband the above quilt when he was having house guests for our wedding.  Emerson has been very excited about her bed & I feel pleased that we purchased he a lovely bed as economically as possible.  On to the next thing on the to do list...

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