Monday, March 5, 2012

Making The Most Out of Try Me Free Rebates

Right now at Walmart has little peelies on packages of Arm & Hammer Power Pack laundry detergent. The peelie is to the try the product for free after rebate & Walmart has 60 packs, which would essentially be 60 free loads of laundry after rebate.  I've never used the detergent, so I'm not sure how well it works, & I usually make my own, but I figure it's good to have on hand in case I'm to tired to make detergent in the next few months.   

I love sending in for rebates, but there are definitely a few tricks to the trade.  Here's how to maximize your free offer:  
 When it comes to Try Free offers, here are a couple of ways to maximize the offers:
  •  Make sure you'll use the free product--In general you will need to mail in the UPC with the rebate, so you will often have to destroy the exterior packaging, which does not make it ideal for charitable donation.  Unless you have someone you know who could benefit from the product, or you'll use it yourself, there is no benefit to buying something you'll never use.
  • Don't forget to mail in your rebate--Prepare the rebate the day you purchase the product.  Something like 40% of all rebates are never claimed, so the manufacturer is just hoping you'll forget.  You don't save any money if you forget, so be sure to mail in that rebate!
  • Realize that free isn't totally free--You'll still have to provide the stamp & pay the sales tax on the item purchased.  Make sure it's worth it to you to spend $0.44 & tax.  
  •  Use salvaged envelopes-- I use envelopes saved from birthday cards or from old teaching newsletters.  As long as there is no writing on the outside, or a label that can be covered up, the envelope is perfect for mailing in rebates. 
  • Get the largest available size--Most rebates say they will refund the money up to X amount per X package size.  For instance, the Arm & Hammer rebate says they will refund any 16 count or larger up to $9.99.  The 60 count was the largest size available & $7.97, so it was within the parameters.  
 Happy rebating!

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