Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Simple Valentine's Day

I've always sort of detested Valentine's Day, but now we celebrate the love we have as a family, which I like much better.  Rather than hire a babysitter & leave Emerson at home, we like to spend the day together.

For JC, I made a card on Tiny Prints several weeks ago & got it for free with a promotional Facebook code.  Emerson then helped decorate the envelope for her daddy.

We used some left-over birthday money to buy Lady & The Tramp for Emerson, & she quite enjoyed eating smarties out of the accompanying Lady & The Tramp bowl.

For the evening, we had a coupon & a gift card to Olive Garden, which made for a rather economical meal; especially considering the leftovers will be eaten for a meal tomorrow.  Our evening's entertainment was watching the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD JC bought for my/our present.

After our gift card, coupon, & various birthday/Valentine's presents we only had to spend $4 out of pocket.  Not too shabby!  It was a nice quiet day at home, which is just how we like it. 

Hope your day was filled with happiness & love!


  1. What a great deal! I love that you got to eat out and for so little cost! Amazing!

    I've always loved Valentine's but my husband has never acknowledged it as a holiday. But since I have all girls (4 to be exact) I totally justify it and have fun with it ;)
    So glad you guys had a good V-day together as a family, totally what it's all about!