Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cutting our Grocery Budget: Bread Edition

Over the last year I've been buying bread at The Dollar Tree.  They sell loaves of Natures Own whole wheat for, you guessed it, a dollar a loaf, which is a significant savings over regular prices.  There are only two problems with this:  1. I loathe making a special trips, so I only go after we've been to the pediatrician.  2.  The store doesn't consistently have bread, & can't predict when they'll receive it, so you have to get while the gettin's good.

Consequently, when I do find bread at the store, I buy at ton; a minimum of eight loaves at a time.  In order to prevent freezer burn & the bread drying out, I've figured out the optimum method for storage in the deep freeze.

I simply bag two loaves of bread at time, tie the ends of the bag, reverse the opening of said bag, & slip it into another grocery bag.  This keeps the bread fresh for several months & allows the bread to stack nicely & keep the freezer orderly.  Not only does this method prevent having the run to the grocery frequently, but it saves us several dollars per loaf.  Win win. 

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