Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Schmalentines

I personally hate Valentines Day.  I think it's a day of unrealistic expectations & consumer hokum.  That said, I'd really rather try to keep my cynicism to myself, so the girls are not jaded about Valentines day at the ripe ages of 3 years & 10 months.  

The girls & I spent the morning at our local library's toddler time, which is totally free (yeah!!), is filled with songs, books, a craft, & snack.   In addition to the regular festivities the library has a puppet show, which Harper loved, & Emerson enjoyed it despite her odd fear of all things mascot-esque.

We then headed to the craft room for delicious treats & the Valentine craft.

                                                Followed by loads of play,

checkers, & a little reading.  

How cute are these Baby Lit board books, by the way?!

After naps, the girls & I went outside & enjoyed the warm weather with some bubbles.

Once J.C. came home we had a  lovely family supper, followed by dancing around to our wedding video.

Not such a bad way to celebrate a holiday I'm not totally wild about.

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