Monday, April 1, 2013

Saving Money on Baby Food

The vast majority of the time I make my own baby food,  & while homemade is much more environmentally friendly & economical, while preparing for travel, I often have to buy expensive baby food. 

Several weeks prior to our trip I made a phone call to Beech Nut, to request one of their toddler kits, which includes coupons for free product.  Upon telling the super friendly customer service representative that I had filled out the online form multiple times with no results, she offered to send me 2 of both the toddler kit & newborn kit
The kits came promptly & with the coupons I was able get several boxes of baby cereal, 2 boxes of teething biscuits, & 4 jars of baby food, for FREE! 

In addition to the free Beech-nut, I stopped by Big Lots & picked up some Dole Squish'ems.  They're 100% fruit, and at $1.80 a box, which makes each pouch only $0.45; a phenomenal price. 

Shopping smart, using coupons, & seeking opportunities for free products certainly can reduce the costs of store bought baby food, though for me, nothing beats feeding our little one from scratch, & not filling up the landfill. 

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