Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Use It Up: Getting the Most Out of Your Prescription

Our winter, & now early Spring have been filled with more sickness than I have ever expected.  Last week Harper was diagnosed with her FIFTH ear infection in 3 months & Emerson is currently running a fever.  As a result, I've had gobs of prescriptions & meds to dispense to the girls, but there always comes a point when I can no longer fit the dropper in the bottle & still need to finish the prescription.  

I've found that the best methods are to either a) drain a single dose into a medicine cup, then use the dropper or, b) finding that process rather tedious, dump the entire contents into a glass baby food jar, which allows the use of every drop. 

Not very exciting, but super effective.  And that my friends, is about only frugal thing I can accomplish with two sick children. 

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