Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chalk Dehumidifier

Around this time of year we start having a few moisture problems in our house as the humidity outside increases.  I've looked at conventional closet dehumidifiers, but they're a little pricey & are made up of loads of chemicals.

Now I love me some Martha Stewart, and I always enjoy looking at her website, so when I saw her idea of a chalk dehumidifier I had to run with it. 


chalk (left over from teaching)
a ribbon (saved from a gift)
scissors (the same pair I've had since 3rd grade)
rubber band (thanks post office!)

Martha suggests using a dozen sticks, but half of mine were broken, so I just settled for six.  Wrap the rubber band around the chalk, cover with a ribbon, and hang!

Easy peasy, especially if you don't try to make yours look like Martha's!   No more moisture in our closets for nothing & no weird chemicals!  Woot Woot!!  


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