Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hair Clip Holder--Take 2

A while ago I made a hair clip holder out of ribbon & some thumb tacks.  It worked perfectly...until E started walking, could reach it, & continuously pulled it off the wall.  I needed something that worked the same way & of course cost me no money.

I pulled out my saved ribbon, some scrapbook paper, & two 8x10 frames.

Both frames were just sitting around, I simply removed the glass, & placed the paper inside the frame.  The one frame didn't have a back, it had a print, so I just wrapped the print with the paper, & taped it down. 

I then wrapped the ribbon around the print & secured it with tape.  A true crafter would have used hot glue, but I'm a lazy crafter at best, so I just used scotch tape & the natural snugness of the frame.

In no time I got the finished product...

They look super cute & work really well.  If you're a lazy gal like me, this is a quick & easy project that is as functional as it is pretty!

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