Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UPS Mail Time!

Yesterday I wrote about my beloved USPS mail time & all the glories that come in the post.  Today, my other absolute favorite type of mail came...UPS!  Our much beloved UPS truck pulled up this afternoon bearing more treasures--FREE purchases from Amazon that I got with my swagbucks!  Joy!  Bliss!  Excitement!!

That picture you see above is 48 pouches of applesauce & 2 Munchkin straw cups.   The pouches of applesauce were $33 (or $28 with subscribe & save) & the cups were $7 and I paid....drumroll....NOTHING!  This is why I LOVE swagbucks!  I used to use my swagbucks to purchase more frivolous things,  but lately I've begun purchasing more practical things like toilet paper & baby wipes, & it has become a serious aid to our budget. 

If you don't know what swagbucks is, it is a search engine that rewards you with swagbucks periodically when you use their search engine.  Earn enough Swagbucks and you can purchase things in the Swagstore.  Things like Amazon.com gift cards or Starbucks gift cards.  You can also earn more swagbucks by watching swagbucks tv, taking daily polls, and completing special offers.  Currently you can receive 30 swagbucks just for signing up, so if you're interested head here.

After doing swagbucks for a while, and working at it a bit (watching special offer videos, taking the daily polls, etc) I average, at the very least, $25 worth of Amazon gift cards a month.  That certainly adds up quickly!  Additionally, if you are a mother, father, or anyone who would be purchasing things for little ones, sign up for Amazon Mom to get free prime shipping for up to a year.  That makes your swagbucks purchases go even further. 

Oh how I look forward to the mail, especially when I can anticipate freebies!  :)

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