Friday, March 4, 2011

Swagbucks, Swagbucks, How I Love You...

Look what was sitting on my porch for me today when I got home:  720 baby wipes & 48 rolls of toilet paper.  That's $60 worth of products that I purchased for...drum roll...$1.62 after Swagbucks Amazon gift cards.

**I should digress here a moment and explain that Swagbucks is a search engine, except when you search with them, you occasionally earn Swagbucks.  Earn enough Swagbucks and you can purchase things in the Swagstore.  Things like gift cards or Starbucks gift cards.  It truly does not take much time to start earning things in the Swagstore, and it can be a HUGE money saver!  Currently you can receive 30 swagbucks just for signing up, so if you're interested head here

Anyway, back to my purchases...

Even though we use cloth wipes, we still use baby wipes for a number two and travel, so I'm ALWAYS on the look out for a good deal.  These baby wipes were the same deal that I previously stated here, but on this purchase I was actually able to "clip" a $0.50 manufacturer coupon to bring the total down to $1.01.  I have a feeling that Amazon is having a SERIOUS run on these because they seem to be out of stock often, so be sure to wait to purchase when they are sold by Amazon so you can get free shipping & the low price.

I should also mention here that if you haven't joined Amazon Mom (You don't have to specifically be a mom, just a parent) you can get 30% off on select diapers & wipes as well as Amazon Prime shipping...yeah free shipping.

For the toilet paper, that was a whole adventure of its own.

Because we were running low on TP I wanted to use my Swagbucks to buy some.  While I wanted to get a great deal, I was also interested in buying a product made from recycled post consumer content.  As Colin Bevin, The No Impact Man, states, "We need trees to clean our air, not to wipe my butt."  haha.

I have previously used Marcal TP, liked it, and thought that it counted as "green" TP.  Apparently not.  Apparently there is a whole movement of Colin Bevin types on the internet who are obsessed with making sure virgin forest is not chopped down for TP and bringing to light "poser" green TP companies...Marcal being one of those such companies.  After A LOT of research, I found this paper product guide put together by Green Peace.  It's good and definitely worth checking out if you use paper products (facial tissue, tp, paper napkins, & paper towels) in your home. 

After all my research I settled on purchasing Green Forrest toilet paper.  It was ranked the absolute highest in post consumer content, 90%, is 100% recycled, and was ranked high for comfort on the hilarious website Poop  BUT, the best part was it was BY FAR the cheapest recycled TP on Amazon.  Here's the breakdown:

I bought a pack of 4-12 roll packs for $30.13.  (Yesterday they raised the price to $37.56.  Crazy right?)  After signing up for subscribe & save, which gives you an additional 15% discount, and can be canceled at any time, my total came down to $25.16.  I then used my $25 worth of Swagbucks Amazon gift cards and wound up paying $0.16 for 48 rolls of toilet paper! 

I now think we have enough baby wipes to last through all of our potential children, and enough toilet paper to last a year, and all for under $4!   Very exciting to a frugal freak like me!  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S.  I JUST discovered that Swagbucks has a coupon printing feature (it looks to be the same coupons as  If you print your coupons HERE and redeemed them at your grocery store you will receive 10 Swagbucks for EACH redeemed coupon.  Pretty awesome for those of you who clip a lot of coupons.  Yet another way to make your money go further! 

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