Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little Seed, Little Seed

Spring is almost here, which means garden preparations.  We haven't had a garden in several years, but we're going to give it a go again this year.  The only problem is we're lazy gardeners & didn't clear the land in the fall, but I still have high hopes.

Also, most of my seeds are a few years old, because we didn't have the opportunity to have a garden the last two years...but again, I have high hopes.

In keeping with that hopeful spirit, today I planted all of my indoor seeds the proper 6-8 weeks early, in the hopes that at least some of them will germinate & we'll be blessed with a bounty.

After a few hours work, my laundry room turned in to a nursery.  Here's what we have...

4 green house trays filled with assorted types of tomatoes
Many, many pots filled with multi-colored bell peppers

My rarely used dryer is getting a little use holding pots

A few pots filled with hot peppers (I put them in the red & pink pots...hopefully I'll remember!)
2 pots of basil
2 pots of Foxglove flowers (Has anyone grown these?  I'm not even sure how I got the seeds...)

And one surprise survivor-- the Easter lily I forgot to plant last year survived the winter, and was discovered to be alive while I was reusing its potting soil.  Sweet lil' fella was transplanted & I hope he makes it, especially because it was given to us for Little E's first Easter.  

Here's hoping we all have successful gardens this spring!

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