Friday, March 18, 2011

Make It Do: Crib Sheet

We only have two crib choice.  When I bought them, both were 75% off; one came with our bedding set, and the other I bought on clearance at the same time, shortly after we were married.  Yup, you read right, I started buying baby stuff before we had a baby.  I liked the bedding set, it was gender neutral, 75% off, and I figured we'd have babies eventually right?  (By the way, even if this makes you a crazy person, I highly recommend this type of behavior if it is in the name of saving money.  In fact we also put down a deposit on our wedding location before we were engaged, but that's another story...) 

Most of the time only having two sheets is not a big deal, but a week ago, before I stripped my cloth diapers, E's diaper leaked, and I was left without any clean sheets.  Fortunately, I'd learned the following trick from my mother in law:

Take your twin sheet and unfold it.

Fold it under width and lengthwise so there is just enough left to tuck under the mattress.  Try to make your folds rather crisp so you won't have a lumpy bed.   Pull very taut, and tuck under.

Voila!  I will say that I would be slightly nervous about doing this if E was still at the age where you had to worry about SIDS, but I think if you made sure to pull the sheet tight enough you wouldn't have to worry.  In a pinch, this is a great alternative to having to go buy loads of those ridiculously useless crib sheets. 

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