Thursday, July 19, 2012

Give Me My Money Back


I know that credit cards are supposed to be the frugal girl's arch nemesis, but I have one.  I opened it back when I was in college & trying to build my credit, but after a while I quit using it, & sort of forgot about it. 

Then we applied for our mortgage & had to get it in JC's name because I'm younger & didn't have enough credit history, so I figured I better bust out the ol' plastic again.  I mostly use it when I make online purchases & pay it off monthly. 

That is until we had Harper & my brain cells went out my breast milk & I forgot to make the payment last month.  Bam, a THIRTY THREE dollar late fee.  THIRTY THREE DOLLARS!  Holy crap! Absolutely sick at my stomach I called & plead my case to the company.  Fortunately, the girl I spoke with was super sweet & reversed the late fee instantly.  Piece of cake.

So there you go folks, learn from my mistake, & if you do get a late fee, don't hesitate to call & beg for mercy.  They might just be nice & give you your money back.

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