Monday, January 24, 2011

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Our local community does not recycle glass for some reason.  I find this incredibly perplexing, particularly because glass is on the of the few recyclables that does not deteriorate in quality as it is reused.  I am always trying to come up with new uses for what little glass I have purchased, and last week I stumbled upon another way to recycle within my own home.  

A few years ago I purchased some Gap Body lotion that came in a glass pump.  For some reason I hung on to the pump, and while I was doing a New Years purge, came across it and immediately wanted to get rid of it.  Seeing as how I couldn't, I had to come up with another solution.  

I found my one bottle of liquid soap, with all its hideous packaging and decided something had to be done.  I suppose I should explain that round here we only use bar soap.  It lasts much longer, is cheaper, and I only put out liquid soap when we're having guests.  I actually consider it quite a splurge to have liquid soap, so I get sort of excited when I do pull it out.  (Frugal Freak, I know).  

Anyway, I think it looks rather fetching, and is a vast improvement to the product label.  I'm quite happy with the end result, and quite happy that the original soap container was recycled this morning. 

What do you reuse in your home?


  1. Our community recycles everything...but I think glass looks much more lovely in the home than plastic bottles anyway. I put my dishsoap in a glass olive oil bottle. Clear glass jars & bottles look way nicer than plastic ones.....& one of these days I'll make my own dishsoap & be even more green & frugal. ;-)

    Oh & the plastic dish soap bottles...make great squirt guns..a good squeeze shoots that water our nicely!. (just ask my kids!)

  2. We recycle all our plastic bottles..we also save pop/beer cans..we can get 50 cents a pound for them. Takes awhile to save up, but it is great and extra change for my piggy bank. :-)

  3. Just a thought... At a friend's house, she has a silk flower in the glass soap pump. It looks so pretty :)