Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Long time gone...

I realize that it has been over a month since I posted last.  First I wasn't posting because we were in India.  Then I wasn't posting because we were enjoying time with family.  Then we got back home and tried to return to normal life, which was quite difficult for little E.  And somewhere in the mix we misplaced our camera cord, so I can't upload any pictures.  So for tonight, I don't have any new pictures, but I did want to share two frugal things I'm enjoying for the moment.

All You Daily Samples:  Every day All You (a magazine) scours the internet for what they consider to be the best sample available at that time.  They keep a running calendar on their website, but you can also get a daily email alert notifying you of the day's sample.  Some days it isn't anything I would be interested in, but it is a fun and easy way to get samples without a lot of effort.

Swagbucks:  For those of you who might be new here, Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you for searching through their search engine and downloading their toolbar.  When you search, you will occasionally receive Swagbucks as a reward for your search.  Those Swagbucks can then be used to purchase items at the Swagstore or cashed in for gift cards.

Now, I've previously posted about the joys and wonders of Swagbucks, but to me, and to like minded mothers out there, Swagbucks just got a whole lot more exciting.  Swagbucks is now offering a $5 gift card to Bumkins, a cloth diapering/organic clothing company for only 229 swagbucks.  It would not take a lot of time to acquire that amount of swagbucks, stock up on these giftcards, and get totally free diapers, bibs, and clothes. How awesome is that?  If you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, consider joining here

Hope you've had a happy Christmas, and have had a wonderful start to your new year.

Welcome back!


  1. Careful, because the bumkins gift cards can't be stacked on top of each other. So you can only use 1 $5 gift card, per order.

  2. Thanks for the info! I had no idea! Yikes, that is not that amazing after all.