Monday, October 25, 2010

Rewarding Rewards Programs

Manufacturer rewards programs are amazing.  Over the past couple of years I have been using the to get things for free.  I've gotten many things including gift cards, magazine subscriptions, movie tickets, and toys, to name a few.  Some of these things have been for our family and some have been given as gifts, and all have been enjoyed.  Here are just a handful of manufacturer rewards programs I use.


Swagbucks: This is possibly the easiest and most rewarding of all rewards programs.  Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you for searching through their search engine and downloading their toolbar.  When you search, you will occasionally receive Swagbucks as a reward for your search.  Those Swagbucks can then be used to purchase items at the Swagstore or cashed in for gift cards.  Swagbucks quickly accumulate and you can earn a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 swagbucks.   I signed up at the beginning of September and have already earned $15 worth of Amazon gift cards, all just for using their search engine and toolbar.  Very simple, and very easy.

Coke Rewards:  We don't tend to buy a lot of pop, but when we do, Coke is my brand of choice.  Inside each lid or 12/24 pack of pop there is a code that can be entered for points; however, you do not need to be a huge Coke drinker to get codes.  My family saves the codes for me, and I have gotten them while picking up litter on walks.  I have used these codes to purchase free magazine subscriptions and movie tickets.  Codes can be accumulated to get free Coke, car rental upgrades, Chilis gifts cards, etc.  One warning, your Coke rewards WILL expire if you don't add any new codes for a decent length of time (6 months or so) so if you don't drink a lot of Coke you can space out entering in your codes to help keep your account active. 

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards:   I primarily use cloth diapers, but once we got married I started paying attention to the promotional codes posted on MSM and other places and started an account.  Not only are Huggies Rewards found in packages of diapers and wipes, but they also publish promotional codes.  That means, even if you don't purchase any Huggies products (i.e. you're a grandparent, aunt, in the stage of life where you have to go to baby showers) you can join Huggies Rewards and start accumulating points.  They offer diapers, toys, and music downloads as rewards.

Pampers Gifts to Grow:  This is Pampers Rewards program, and it is very similar to Huggies.  They too offer codes on their diapers and wipes, and they too often have promotional codes that will float around on frugal living websites.  They, however offer a MUCH larger selection than Huggies does.  While many of the rewards are babycentric, there are also rewards for photo books, photo development, and a spa basket.

*With both Pampers and Huggies rewards you do not need to have children to sign up!  You can use these rewards to get music and a spa basket.  Pamper yourself a little!

One final note, you can also donate you rewards at Huggies, Pampers, and Coke to charitable organizations and schools.

Whether you choose to donate your rewards, or use them as a fun supplement to your budget I highly recommend joining rewards programs.


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