Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fashionista Sunday: Doodle Bug Edition

Fashionista Friday (showing off your fabulous, but fashionable frugal finds) is upon us; just a few days late.  This past week we have been passing around some sort of flu/cold  bug, and it finally caught me.  I spent all Friday in bed, so Fashionista Friday is now happening on Sunday.  I had planned on doing a Fashionista Friday ala Domestic Fashionista, but seeing as how I was in sweats I decided to do a child edition.

Fortunately Emerson adores having her picture taken. 


Children's Place Denim Dress:  Once Upon a Child $3
Old Navy Onesie:  Thrift Store $1
Tights:  Target Clearance $2

Earlier this Summer
I absolutely adore this dress! Not only was it in mint condition, but it matches E's eyes perfectly!
Baby Gap Dress:  $1 Garage Sale
Bow:  A gift from Grandma, the queen of bows

 Labor Day

I had to show off this Baby Gap hat too.  Not only is it precious; it may be the best garage sale find ever. I found it at the same garage sale that had the above Baby Gap dress. The hat was brand new with tags on it and when I went to check out, the woman gave it to me for free.  Awesome!

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  1. emerson is so precious and quite the fashionista, just like her mama!