Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free is my favorite word

Today was awesome. Period. My husband's work had a health fair that was ginormous and filled with a ton of free goodies. And I think we even got the junkier goodies because we came at the end of the day, but whatevs, I am still thrilled. We got a ton of candy (ironic for a health fair, right?), apples, granola bars, Fig Newtons (yum!), nail files, enough hand sanitizer to last for the next 3 years, letter openers, coloring books, you name it. I was particularly excited about the apples and granola bars because I've convinced J.C. to eat out of the pantry this month (more on that later) and they are a lovely little addition to our pantry.

But WAIT! there's more...the best part of the whole health fair was...drum roll please...

The FREE massage!!! Apparently the university has a massage school and they were offering massages. It.was.amazing. Amazing I tell you! I didn't realize how much my back was hurting me until that guy started pushing all around. I had some MA-JAH knots, and my entire spine cracked. I don't know if I'm all out of whack from carrying/wearing Little E or what, but man, I am thankful to that masseuse. Bravo Masseuse Man. You made me one happy Mama! They also gave me a zen garden for being the 10th person to get a massage. Um, you're welcome! Any time!

Anywhoo, on to what some might find less exciting news...

We're eating out of our pantry this month and seeing how that goes. I've read about hardcore bloggers who plan this, but really we just stumbled upon this plan out of sheer laziness. We have been trying to only grocery shop once a month and this month for multiple reasons we haven't made it to the store. Finally, I just asked J.C. if he would be alright with trying a pantry month, since the month is already well under way. Surprisingly, he agreed, as long as I would buy him bread. (How cute is he?!)

Here's the game plan: I recently received $15 worth of Dirty Wal-Mart gift cards for answering preggo questions for the Dept of Health in Arkansas. You're Welcome. I plan on using them to buy the essentials: milk, bread, tomatoes, lettuce. We had stocked up on cheese last month, and surprisingly still have a lot of canned goods, etc from last month. So we shall see how this goes. I've found recipes I'd like to try for some things that are a little out of our ordinary food rut, including making homemade pitas. I'm anxious to see how that goes.

I only wish I'd taken a before picture of the pantry.

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