Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Adventures in Eating Out of the Pantry

Today E and I went grocery shopping at Walmart.  It proved to me the benefits of staying at home.  Not only is traffic AMAZING during the day, but it is so much easier to shop. 

Here are our groceries for the month:

Our subtotal was $35.  We spent our $15 gift cards, and after coupons we had to pay $5.80 in cash.  Not awful, but definitely not a lot of food.  (The cash was from rebates checks I had received from Luvs Leakguard Guarantee so I really didn't spend any money out of our budget.  Score!

Here's the break down of coupons:  
4 x $1.00 Ronzoni coupons making each box $0.50
$1 off any two Gerber Graduates, the third had a rebate on it 
$1 off Gain dish soap from Sunday's paper
Free Cottonelle Moist Wipes coupon

Not a great shopping trip in comparison to Aldi prices, but ok.  What put me over were the three Gerber Graduates.  I had no idea how expensive those were!  Holy cow!  I will continue making homemade baby food for as long as possible.  Man are those things over priced.

As soon as we got home I offered E some yogurt melts.  

She played with them.

She ate one...

 Oh well, maybe next time.

I got some fabulous samples today:

The Crest was from Walmart, I have no idea where I got the shampoo sample, and the BioTrue came from Costco.

For supper I made an Italian Frittata.  I'm not sure such a thing existed before tonight, but it turned out well. I made my own recipe up using egg, onion, potatoes,  roasted red peppers and fontina all of which we had on hand.  It was delicious. Even the hubs was pleased.

Another excellent day on my frugal adventure.


  1. Hey Alison! I want to acknowledge you for your frugal ways and being resourceful. I have a question and maybe I'm playing devil's advocate here, but what's up with the Gain dish soap? Is it biodegradable & enviro friendly?

    Love, Tabby

  2. Tabby,

    It probably is not environmentally friendly, but it was free and I will be donating it to a local food pantry, so I guess I don't feel awful about buying it. Right now I'm using 7th generation dish soap.

    Thanks for reading.