Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Diaper Edition

 When I first found out I was pregnant I decided to forgo any baby "must haves" and do what would work for us and our budget. Some of the things we cut out were buying brand new clothing, formula, a matching crib suite, disposable diapers, and a changing table.  I have never regretted any of these decisions and in some ways they have allowed us to come up with more creative solutions and utilize things we've already had in new ways.  For instance, our diapering area.


Some of our friends blessed us with this pack and play before Emerson was born.  It came with bassinet and changing table attachments, as well as this shallower section.  This pack and play has been a life saver, and for the first 6 months of Emerson's life it was her bed in our room.  After Emerson out grew the changing table attachment on her pack and play we had simply been putting a towel down on our bed and changing her there.  That worked, but it got to be a bit of a pain, so once E was no longer sleeping in her pack and play I decided to repurpose it as a changing table.  It has worked out beautifully.  The pack and play still has the little diaper holder for the diapers and the wipes and I just put a towel under her to protect the pack and play from any "moisture" that might be flying about.   I know it doesn't look as pretty as a wooden changing table, but it totally works for us.  Also, beside the pack and play is our broken stainless kitchen trash can, that has since been repurposed as our cloth diaper pail.  Again, may not look pretty, but it works.

 This is a shot inside E's closet.  This little plastic drawer guy was in our garage.  After a quick wipe down it became our cloth diaper/extra wipes/toiletries holder.  It is awesome.  The Christmas basket on top was a clearance item from Target a couple of years ago, and that holds all of E's prefolds and diaper covers.   Both of these items have been stuff that was just sitting around, not serving a lot of purpose, and now they keep me totally organized. 

I have found that when I need something if I just look through what I have, I tend to find a solution.  It might not be adorable, but I would pick something utilitarian over cute any day of the week.

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