Monday, October 18, 2010

Easy Hair Clip Organizer

My Mother-in-Law blessed us with a huge gallon zip lock filled with bows this summer.  I tried to use the ziploc to keep all of E's bows and barrettes collected, but it was just not working.  I was continually struggling to  find a barrette in a hurry.  Then over the weekend, I stumbled upon a solution.  I did the easy, no sew, no glue, lazy version and it worked out great.

Simply take some spare ribbon and two flat thumb tacks.

Put the thumb tack through the ribbon, and wrap the ribbon over to hide the thumb tack on both the top and the bottom of the ribbon.

Push the thumb tacks in to the wall and...

The top ribbon was a ribbon given to us by my MIL, and it made the perfect topper.  Easy peasy!

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