Monday, February 14, 2011

Free Valentines Decorations

I'm not a huge saver, but as I gradually collect things from my parent's house, I am shocked at how many things from my childhood I saved.  One of those things is valentines.  I think I may have saved every one I ever received.  Seriously.  I have a valentine from my first grade teacher.  It's totally bizarre. 

Having just made birthday banners with my saved birthday cards, I figured why not do the same with my plethora of valentines?  Here are the final, totally free products: 

These were made with the leftovers of the trimmed cards.

These I didn't tie, I just used some tiny little clothespins I had leftover from my college days.  Lisa Frank Valentine anyone?

This is my husband's mirror in the bathroom that I lovingly decorated with Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neil valentines.  He loved it. 

I think that is nine banners in all that I made. Thank goodness I had enough red raffia for all of it!

Happy Valentines Day to you and your lovies!

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