Saturday, February 19, 2011

Green Living Library Bag

Today, after feeling cooped up and down in the dumps, we decided on a family walk to the park and the library.  Boy, did it raise my spirits.  It's amazing what a little time in fresh air can do for the psyche.

While at the library we got the usual:  JC got a nerdy science book, we got E some adorable picture books, and I headed to the personal finance section.  While I didn't see anything in personal finance that I wanted to read I was pleasantly surprised to turn around and, BAM!, find the green living section!  I was in heaven!  Way to go Fort Smith Public Library!  Here's what I got:

I'm pretty pumped about the selection, but I'm particularly excited about No Impact Man and Go Green, Live Rich.  I picked up  Go Green, Live Rich at a gift shop, at the Museum of Science and Industry, in Chicago two years ago, really contemplated buying it, but put it back.  I had since forgotten about it, and was extremely happy that the book found its way back into my life again. 

I have already seen the documentary No Impact Man and LOVED it, so I am thrilled to read the book. 

Looks like I'll be very busy the next two weeks!

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