Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last Minutes Women's Group Gift

I belong to a Women's Group at my church.  Each monthly meeting there is a drawing for the friendship ball (pictured below), which contains a small gift.  Last month I won, which meant that the following month I needed to give a gift. I completely forgot about it until I was getting ready to go out of town, and needed to pull something together quickly.  I scoured the house, for a Valentine's themed present and came up with a candle (I don't know where I got this?), and a little hand sanitizer (free from January's I LUV BB club). The only thing I needed was how to make this present tied together and presentable.

Because the gift was to be given around Valentines Day, I chose red Christmas ribbon and some red origami paper, leftover from my childhood.  I wrote verses that pertained to light (candle) and love (sanitizer) to show a little correlation between the gifts.  The little present ended up being totally free, and in my opinion pretty cute for being thrown together on the fly. 

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