Monday, February 21, 2011

India Part II

Good morning!  Things in India are exhausting, but going well.  We've
been pretty jet lagged.  We've yet to make it to a dinner.  E has been
adjusting pretty well, but wants to go to bed for the night around 4
or 5 and then wakes up between 4:30 and 5 am.  

We've been trying to keep to her schedule because she's such a little trooper and they
don't serve dinner until 8, so by that time we're usually in bed.
Surprisingly none of us have been hungry enough to miss the meals, so
I suppose it's ok.

Yvonne & E

Yesterday Yvonne and I went shopping at a store named FabIndia.  It
was fabulous.  It was also fabulously expensive.  I paid as much for
things as I would have in the states.  I'm still hoping to find some
good deals here in India, but so far our money is not going very far. :(

We did see an elephant though yesterday!  We had finished shopping and
I was looking in to the oncoming traffic and boom!  ELEPHANT!  It
happened so fast that I wasn't able to a picture, but it has been my
favorite memory so far.

Fountains outside our hotel

Our hotel isn't that nicest of places, but the staff is fabulous.
Everyday they come in the morning and bring you coffee or tea and a
newspaper.  The coffee here is heaven.  The use hot milk and instant
coffee and give you honest to God sugar cubes.  I love the sugar

This guy brought us our coffee every morning and LOVED Emerson.  And she LOVED him too!

Yesterday after I got done shopping I was wearing E in a wrap
and had two small bags.  The manager of our hotel saw me, asked where
JC was, and then promptly sent someone to get my room key (you turn it
in when you're gone), ride up the elevator with me, and open up our
room and get me settled.  I felt like a million bucks!  The people
here are incredibly kind and helpful.  If I'm holding E (even if she's
in a wrap) they'll fix a plate of food for me or offer to hold Emerson
while we fix our food.  Um, no.

Woman sweeping our hotel complex.

The other exciting thing that has happened is JC was quoted in two
newspapers here!  One was the Indian Express:
and the other was the Times of India.  We were told the times of India
is equivalent to the New York Times, so it's actually a pretty big
deal.  I'm so proud of him and thrilled that he's had this coverage.
It will be really amazing for his career and in the TOI they mentioned
the university by name, so they should be very pleased.  You can check
out that article here:
Paul, a fellow mathematician and E's favorite playmate
JC, Paul, Emerson, and Renato

Today we're going on some sort of excursion that may or may not
involve climbing some hilly something.  I'm a little fuzzy on the
details.  Tonight is the banquet for the professor.  I hope we're able
to stay awake for the whole thing!  lol

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