Thursday, February 10, 2011

Struggles with Consumerism Part II

I previously posted about the great deal a local store was having on Burt's Bees products:  75% off and testers even cheaper. I also posted about my MAY-JAH struggles with breaking down and purchasing more toiletries when I am stocked, and can usually get toiletries for free.  Well, after waiting three days, due to a snow storm, I finally bit the bullet and went back and purchased Burt's Bees till it was coming out my ears.

I got:

2 toners
4 facial cleansers
1 bottle of conditioner
3 hair conditioning kits
1 face mask
1 royal jelly moisturizer
1 eye cream
1 serum
1 candle
1 tube of hand cream
a loofah
and a lavender eye mask

$139 worth of products all for....$34.25.  One of the kits alone retailed for $30.  I'm not planning on keeping it all, some will go as gifts, but I am thoroughly pleased with my purchases.  Also, in keeping with trying to lower possessions, I removed enough from my linen closet to make room for my new ones.  They will be donated or given as gifts shortly.

Definitely no buyer's remorse here.

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