Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Lazy Girl's Price Book

Every book I've read about cutting your grocery budget suggests keeping a price book.  A price book is comprised of every item you purchase & the rock bottom price in which that item is sold.  In order to get the bottom price you must write down the weekly prices of every item until you are able to assess how cheaply that item is sold. 

It seems totally logical & it also seems like a ton of work.   I am frugal, but I am also lazy.  After several efforts to compile a price book I've given up & have been using Aldi prices as my bottom price; if it's cheaper than Aldi's regular prices, I know it's a good deal, etc.

Then both MoneySavingMom & KrazyCouponLady released their versions of a price book.  The KCL price list is much more expansive, so after printing both lists I compiled them into one giant price book--much, much easier than writing down weekly prices.  While I am in no way as savvy as the women of either of these websites, I figure if my price is somewhere between theirs & Aldi's I've found a bargain. 

I'm going to use this list as motivation & hope that someday I'll be able to match their prices.  But for now, I have never seen tuna for free, no matter how much I wish it were possible. 

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  1. move to CO! ;) If it's MSM who has the free tuna it's b/c the grocers in KS and out here let you double your coupons, so if there's a $0.50/1 and they put the packets or cans on sale for $1 - free. I've only seen that a couple times this past year; we don't eat tuna and prior to this last year or so I didn't really coupon... so... LOL Do you know what I have that IS free? A (no longer pukey!) screamy baby! You want? ;)