Monday, December 19, 2011

The Missed Opportunity of the Missed Coupon

I absolutely hate a missed coupon. I recently missed out on using a $15 coupon & a $3 store credit on some last minute Christmas presents.  After fretting about the missed money I went back to the store with my receipt & was able to use the coupon & store credit instead & got cash credited back to our checking account. 

Even the most well versed couponer will occasionally forget a coupon at home or have a cashier accidentally miss scanning a coupon.  If you find yourself in that situation, you can still get your money & save some cash. 
 Here's how to fix a missed coupon:

If the cashier forgets to scan a coupon--

  • Head on over to the customer service with your receipt.  Simply state the product & the value of the coupon & your money will be refunded immediately.   

  • If you are home & realize the cashier forgot to scan a coupon, call the store & have your receipt handy.  Frequently the store will be able to tell which cashier you had from the receipt, track down said coupon, & keep a record of your credit at the customer service counter.  Write the name of the person you spoke with, the time & date, & bring your receipt with you for your next shopping trip.
If you forget your coupons at home--

  • Bring your receipt & the matched coupons back to the store as quickly as possible.  I've been told at Walmart that price adjustments need to be completed within 7 days, so always try to redeem your missed coupons as quickly as possible.  

Additionally, if you forget to use a store credit or gift card on a purchase frequently customer service will be willing to redeem your gift card & refund your cash after the fact.  When in doubt, I just tell the customer service rep something like, 'Oh my husband did the shopping & forgot all of our coupons/store credit' & that usually does the trick.  

Here's to no more missed coupons, or at least no more missed opportunities to save.  

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  1. How hysterical that you posted this! We're getting ready to leave for vacation (2 weeks, across the country) on Wednesday & I'm weeding through all the coupons I might use while we're gone if we need something (medicine, etc.) and I'm having a heart attack over some expireds I'm finding that I didn't get a chance to use b/t July (when Jacob was born) and now - head's up - when that second baby comes... there probably WILL be missed coupons... but if you figure out how not to let it happen - let me in on the secret!! :D