Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget

One of the many expenses associated with having a baby is a maternity wardrobe.  Maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE!  When I first became pregnant with Emerson I made the conscious decision to minimize the expense of a preggo wardrobe.  Here are a few techniques I've used with E & Little Baby. 

Regular Old Navy top, cardigan, & regular jeans w. use of Belly Band
Wear Your Regular Clothes--While this probably isn't possible with pants, many tops, sweaters, & skirts can be worn the majority of pregnancy.  Fortunately current fashion trends lend themselves to longer shirts, which can totally accommodate a baby bump & cardigans can be worn for 9 months. Additionally if you wear a belly band you will be able wear your pants for much, much longer. 

Sears Clearance Maternity Shirt
Shop the Clearance Racks--In my experience it's hard to get a good deal at maternity stores & often the pickings can be slim at discount retailers.  However, if you check often, it is possible to get inexpensive maternity items at places like Kohl's, Target, & even Sears.  Target also frequently puts out a coupon for Liz Lange maternity, which combined with clearance prices can equal a great deal.

Borrow--If you're really lucky you might be able to borrow a friend's maternity wardrobe. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow maternity clothes (thanks Kathy!) & I also borrowed bigger clothes from my mom.  

Used Old Navy Maternity Shirt &  Old Navy Jeans

 Buy used--Because maternity clothes are only worn for a handful of months, they only have minimal wear & tear.  Look to Ebay, resale shops, Once Upon a Child, & even garage sales for great deals on maternity items.  My mom got me 2 huge garbage bags full of clothes from Ebay for something like $40, & when I shopped at Motherhood Maternity 1 pair of pants was $40. 

Banana Republic necklace & Old Navy shirt

Size Up--Anything labeled maternity tends to come with a HUGE price tag, but buying regular clothes a few sizes up is a much cheaper alternative.  When shopping for tops look for a longer shirt & with skirts & pants, drawstrings & elastic are your friend.

Wrap dresses & skirts--For dress clothes I wore wrap dresses well into my 7th month & found them extremely comfortable.  Most of my stretchier skirts could be worn under my belly the entirety of my pregnancy.  I also bought some hippy straw skirts & wrap skirts that I could wear my whole pregnancy.   

Accessorize--If you don't have a ton of money to purchase a huge wardrobe things like scarves, jewelry, & belts can totally transform an outfit.  Plus accessories always fit, no matter how big your belly swells!

Whatever methods you choose, it is possible to have a maternity wardrobe without spending a ton of money.  


  1. okay - that one w/the brown top is the cutest pic EVER! AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW YA LOL! :)

  2. Mo, you're so sweet! Thanks for the compliment & for the hint about buying a bed. I've been looking for a deal, but no luck so far. I think at this point I'm just going to use my swagbucks to get some bunk beds from Amazon. ;)