Friday, December 2, 2011

Super Friday Shopping @ The Dollar Tree

I kept hearing Crystal @ mention she got Nature's Own bread at her Dollar Tree.  So today, while nearby, I decided to stop in & check it out myself.

Boy, am I glad I did!  They ended up having 100% whole wheat Nature's Own bread for a dollar!  The cheapest I've seen it at Walmart or Aldi is around a $ I went a little nuts & bought 8 loves.  I know it's excessive, but I have plenty of freezer space & JC goes through 3 pieces a day.  Additionally they had Kix!  For a dollar!  I haven't had Kix in ages, but it's a good alternative to Cheerios & way cheaper than even generic so I figured I'd stock up. 

I also got the tiny blue trash can on the left for recycling items.  I figured after seeing how San Fransisco did things I should have a recycling bin next to every one of our trash cans as well.  At minimum, it will cut down on trips to our recycle bin in the kitchen.

I also got the basics at Aldi & stocked up on containers of cream cheese for $0.89.  I rarely see cream cheese go under a dollar, so I'm hoping that (frozen) stockpile will last us for a very, very long while.  It was a pretty good week to stock up!

Happy weekend!

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