Monday, December 5, 2011

Panic Mode Update

Several months ago I wrote about feeling like I was in panic mode when it came to unexpected expenses.  The health care costs of having our second child are significantly more than they were with Little E & I wanted to find a way to pay our monthly $174 doctor bill WITHOUT dipping into our savings.  So far we've done a pretty good job of making it work & I've found sharing this challenge with all of you makes me more motivated.

Here's what I've done so far: 
  • I sold broken/unused jewelry to a gold dealer & made $100.
  • I returned diapers that I bought when we first found out we were pregnant with Little Baby & used the $54  toward a payment. (They weren't a good deal either, & I know better, but I guess I was just excited to purchase tiny diapers again!)
  • I returned a fancy dress I bought for E & bought her a booster seat with the store credit.
  • I emptied out a checking account we never use, which netted us $151 toward a payment.
  • I've been using the $25/week I earn for picking up my friend's son from school toward the payments, instead of using it as blow money.  
  • I used credit card rewards to purchase a $25 Christmas gift card which saved us $25 in cash. 
  • I've sent away for reimbursement through our flex spending account; that will put over $400 back in our pockets. 
Future Goals:
    • I still need to apply for the rebate on JC's contacts ASAP.
    • JC's applying for a rebate through his health insurance/wellness program.  If he gets it that would be $500 we could use toward Little Baby's expenses (or a big girl bed for Emerson)!  
    • We're planning on primarily eating out of the pantry for the month of December.  We'll be traveling for a large portion of the month anyway, but this could save the additional expense of groceries. 
    • I've been trying to be more vigilant about turning off power strips while not in use & hopefully that will continue to lower our energy bills.  
    We only have 2 doctor payments left (thank God!), so now we just need to plan ahead for the hospital portion for Little Baby.  We also need to figure out how much a big girl bed/mattress will cost & come up with a plan for those purchases without dipping into savings.

    I have to say, I've been thinking more creatively about bringing in money & spending & it has really gotten me excited about our spending habits.  Nothing like being a total & complete frugal living nerd!


    1. The funniest thing happened when it was time to move Quentin from his toddler bed (aka our one and only crib b/c it is a convertible one) to a big kid bed. I went looking on CraigsList for a WOODEN headboard/footboard set and low and behold, the only one I found that wasn't clearly for a little girl was not only in our price range ($30!) BUT it was a FRIEND of ours who had it listed - and they graciously GAVE it to us free of charge. I hope that you'll find a blessing as well you search for E's big girl bed!! (PS - we got doubly lucky - my sister had left her twin bed from our dad's house there when she went away to college [across country] and then my dad moved across country, so we got that... so I'll keep my fingers crossed that a great deal pops up for you guys on that end of things) :D

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