Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Life As A Lab Rat

Not the brilliant rocket scientist type, the much less glamorous consumer test panel type.  A year ago I signed up to be a part of Johnson & Johnson's consumer test panel.  I've been selected for studies twice & I've found it to be a surprisingly fun way to try a new product & make some extra money. 

E's test panel Johnson & Johnson Natural Body Wash
My first test was actually on Emerson for Johnson & Johnson's Natural Baby Body Wash.  It was rather simple, they sent me was full sized bottle in the mail (score!), I used it on her 3 times in a week, took a brief survey on the product & we got paid $10 cash.  Piece of cake!

More recently I was asked to try a dandruff shampoo for women (which ended up being an Aveeno dandruff shampoo).  They sent me a slightly smaller bottle, I used it 3 times, took the survey & made $20 cash.  And I got to pass the leftovers to my dad, who blessed me with that lovely little genetic quirk. 

Currently Johnson & Johnson doesn't appear to have open enrollment, but they do have a study for dry shampoo that pays $50.  You have to be able to make it to their lab in New Jersey to test the product, but if you'd like the info leave a comment & I'll forward the email. 

Loreal does have an open enrollment at the moment & you can qualify for their test panel by taking a short survey.  I haven't tested anything for them at this point, so if you have let me know how it went. 

If you've never heard of consumer test panels, or haven't tried them they're worth a shot.  I probably only get selected once every 6 months, but it's minimal effort for some bonus cash & toiletries. And who doesn't like that?

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