Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's Go To The Mall (with Robin Sparkles!)

I'm not much of a mall person.  In general, nothing gets me crankier quicker than to go shopping for "pleasure."  However, today we needed to get our oil changed & tires rotated, so to the mall we went & I was on a mission to get some freebies!

Free Victoria's Secret Undies (2 from previous trips) & a NARS sample

Our first stop was to JC Penney's Sephora to get a FREE Nars eyeshadowy something or other.  I'd post a link, but the sales associates were a little hesitant to give me the sample because they weren't sure they could give them to customers who had simply googled the coupon online or if it was exclusively for JC Penney cardholders.  Despite being made to feel like I was a thief, they gave me the sample anyway, which will make a lovely stocking stuffer for one of my sisters.

Then on to Victoria's Secret where I redeemed a coupon for a free pair of undies. I belong to the online club Pink Nation & about once a year I request a catalogue & as a result I get bi-monthly coupons for FREE undies.  I haven't had to purchase undies in years & am ever so thankful to Victoria's Secret for the freebies.

Lastly we got take out at our local burrito place using a groupon type coupon from the local paper.  We got $15 worth of food for $5 & I brought our own take out containers to cut down the waste.  It was cheap & delicious.   

All & all it was a great day of shopping & our car is now ready for our next roadtrip.  Not a bad way to waste time while getting an oil change. 

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