Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween on a Budget

I do realize that it is not halfway through November & Halloween has long since passed, but we've just finished celebrating it.  Poor Bug had a fever on Halloween night, so we had to wait until she was healthy & we were home from all of our out of state travels to partake in any festivities.

We got Doodlebug's costume used at our local Growing Kid's Sale for $10.  It included the headband and some little shoe covers (not pictured), which was a pleasant bonus. I bought her little leggings for $1.08 after coupons at Kohls, & her Pooh bucket was an Easter gift from her grandma.  That brings the grand total for this ensemble to $11.08, which is cheaper than the $30+ Carters wanted for similar costumes. 

I'm coming to the realization that I'm too cheap to spend $10+/ child once we have more than one, so perhaps I will try the homemade thing at that time.  For now, buying used & purchasing other items cheaply is working out just fine & looks pretty cute, if I do say so myself! 


  1. SO cute! I LOVE that as a bee she 'goes' with her Pooh Bear basket! I was trying to figure out how to do that for Quentin & Jacob, but since Q wanted to be a vampire... the only thing I came up with was a little garlic clove... and, that seemed, wrong LOL Of course after the fact a friend told us she had an infant bat costume, so we need to get pix of them together w/that, but yeah, until J can express a preference, he'll be wearing what I have from Q, and a lot of that is old Old Navy stuff that I bought off eBay; it is usually brutally cold here on Halloween night.

  2. argh - Old Navy FLEECY stuff LOL