Monday, November 7, 2011

A Peek At My Frugal Bathroom

Once upon a time I shared a peek at my frugal shower, and I wanted to share other aspects to my frugal/green bathroom.

I've got a crowded toilet tank--Adding items to your toilet tank displaces water when your toilet fills, resulting in less water used per flush.  We already have a low flow toilet, but I have added a 1 liter bottle, a brick, & a hang it & save pouch my mom gave me from Scott toilet paper.  Even if you only tried one of these items, you would be saving water & money, while getting the same necessary flush.

I don't buy air freshener--I know a lot of uber green people suggest not using air freshener at all, but it's better for my marriage if some smells are covered up. ;)  Instead of buying aerosol cans of air freshener or matches, I've begun using my unused body splash.  It only requires one spritz, so it last a long time, & I'm using up stuff that has just been sitting around.  Win, win. 

I've minimized the cost of paper products--I've started using my Swagbucks to purchase toilet paper made from recycled paper.  It's great for the environment & because I'm using my swagbucks, it's a help to our budget.  Additionally, I use hankies when I'm at home instead of Kleenex & have cut my consumption entirely.  I've had that little sample box of kleenex in my bathroom for months & I've yet to use a single tissue.  I still have to keep some on hand because JC uses at least a box per cold, but at least I've cut down on my usage.

I'm always trying to find more ways to cut down on our budget & footprint, & I'm finding the more I think about it the more ideas I come up with.  I just don't know that I'll be buying a composting toilet any time soon...


  1. I just installed a composting toilet, but that's because at our cabin we don't have running water or a sewer or septic hookup. It is amazing, but there is no odour and it hasn't produced any flying insects, at least now during the cold months. Don't know about summer though. - Margy

  2. Margy,

    I saw that you had a composting toilet! I've never heard of anyone having one in their home, so I'll be excited to hear about your journey. Glad to know it's working out so far.

  3. Great job! I'd love to find out the secret to NOT going through a roll of TP about every 2 days w/ 6 toilet users in the house!! ;-) LOL but serious too.

    We also have a 'low flush' toilet but I'm disappointed in it--maybe it was a bad brand--I notice it requires @ least 2 flushes for-ahem-*serious* business, which seems to defeat the purpose. And because of that we have to clean/scrub it more often too...

    Have you encountered that problem?

    I haven't bought paper towels for YEARS-& paper napkins only for a few special occasions.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. KT,

    I've been thinking about your tp problem. I've heard of people stepping on the roll so it doesn't spin so easily, which slows down usage. I've used swagbucks, but I just recently used Office Depot rewards to purchase tp. You could try family cloth, but that might be a little too crunchy for your taste.

    As far as having to flush twice for No. 2, I asked my husband & we both haven't had that problem. Ours is Kohler, so maybe brand does make a difference.

    Excellent work on no paper towels & using cloth napkins! Do you make your own napkins or purchase them? My supply is low & I'm open to recommendations!

  5. I love it..."but it's better for my marriage if some smells are covered up"...I can so relate to that.