Thursday, December 1, 2011

Waste Management Inspiration in San Fran

We went to San Fransisco for Thanksgiving to visit family.  While we had a wonderful time, I couldn't help but be impressed by the many options for waste management I saw around the city.

At the Academy of Sciences they had these receptacles with recycle, compost, & landfill options.  Additionally the white labels have little pictures of what is appropriate to throw in each bin.  I also find the use of the word landfill far more effective than trash; it's a good reminder that everything thrown in that container will actually wind up in a landfill.   

The bins at the San Fransisco airport were less thorough. but they still offered the options of composting & recycling at EVERY container, in addition to trash.

If the city of San Fransisco is offering these options I certainly hope more cities will follow suit.  It also got me thinking about everything that I throw away, recycle, or could potentially compost & where it might actually end up.  Well done San Fran, well done. 


  1. San Francisco, while probably not the first city, was the first city where I saw those Dyson Blade hand dryers. In addition to eliminating paper towel waste, they're also supposedly 83% more energy efficient than the old style hand dryers. Having used one, I can say that in my opinion, they work better than paper towels or the old hand dryers.

  2. Michael, I couldn't agree more! I love those little dryers & they still had them everywhere. Very exciting stuff!

  3. would anyone know the manufacturer of the recycle/landfill/compost trash receptacle. I am working on a project and would love to specify these!