Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Berry Picking We Go...

Last year we went berry picking as a family for the first time.  It was amazing, hot, & Little E got her first ever bug bite.  All & all it was an experience I couldn't wait to repeat.  So when we were looking for things to do last weekend, schlepping over to Oklahoma to go blueberry & blackberry picking was at the top of my list.

We brought our collapsible wagon & I jerry-rigged an umbrella shade secured with twist ties & safety pins to provide shade for E...classy, I know.  I also came equipped with a basket of toys & LOTS of water.  


The toys were great entertainment for around a half hour, but once E got completely overheated I needed a little help from our secret weapon:  a Sesame Street DVD & our portable DVD player.  I really hate the idea of Emerson being 'plugged in' but at the sake of getting her fresh, hand picked local produce I'll make an exception.

We made quite the haul in our one hour of dedicated picking:  We kept a quart of black berries & a quart of blueberries to eat fresh & I've frozen 3 more quarts.  And all this fabulous experience cost us was $9 for the fruit & probably $1 for gas.  A bargain at best. 

We've really been enjoying our buh buhs as E calls them, & I'm hoping we can make it back one more time this summer.  That is if we ever happen to be back in the low 90s again.  Here's hoping...

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