Monday, June 20, 2011

My 1st Attempt at DIY

We're not huge DIY people.  I think that's mostly because we rented when we were first married, and by the time we actually bought a house I was pregnant, & then we had newborn, and well, you get the idea.  I think we also know that this probably won't be our forever house, so we don't really want to do anything too crazy for fear of not getting the return on our investment.
Toile nightmare, complete with the old owner's accessories. 
The one exception to this has been the nightmare that is our toile wallpaper foyer & dining room.  Can I say YUCK?!  Seriously, I have no idea how the old owner of our house could put that busy, weirdo wallpaper up & think it's cute.  From the moment we looked at this house I've hated it.   HATE.  So when my good friend Kayla visited & volunteered to help me remove it I was BEYOND stoked.

Kayla hard at work
To save money I used leftover paint & primer from the old owners, as well as painters tape I won  from a blog.  We did have to spend $50 on wallpaper removing accoutrements & enough painting supplies, but we got enough for several projects.  We scored the wallpaper with a $10 tool & then soaked it with hot water & fabric softener (samples of course).  We then peeled & removed the paper, but unfortunately my over zealous spritzing got the best of me & I also loosened the paint underneath the paper.

That then caused us to have to patch & prime the wall before we could paint.  Once that was finally done we admired our work & I think it came out pretty great for our first effort.  It's not perfect, but it sure looks better than that hideous wallpaper.  Nothing like a little sweat equity to bring friends closer together. 

Now if only I could tackle that dining room... Volunteers?

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