Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting What You Paid For--Tube Edition

First let me apologize for my absence here, we were traveling for the last three weeks, and as soon as we got to town one of my dearest friends came to visit.  If you're reading this, thanks for making it through the break with me...

I don't know about you but I have quite a few things I use in my daily life that come in a tube with corkscrew turn at the bottom (ala chapstick).  Usually when the product gets level with the plastic packaging & becomes scratchy to use I chuck it in the recycling bin; but, in the name of frugal experimentation, I decided to see how much product was lurking beneath the surface.  

 E's got some seriously ridiculous dry patches and one of the many products I've tried is Surgeon's Secret, a beeswax moisturizer in a tube.  It took no time to get down to the end of the tube, so I then began trying to get as much out with my fingertip as possible. 

When that was no longer working I thought I'd try one last thing to get out the remaining beeswax--my handy dandy cuticle pusher.  I just scooped that sucker down into the wax & was SHOCKED to see how much moisturizer I would have thrown into the recycle bin.  The photo does not do it justice...I was able to get another week out of that wee tube & that was after sticking my finger down as far as possible the previous week.   Amazing!

To prove my point further I did the same method with my Spray & Wash stick.  I've been working on shoving clothes down in the remnants for months, so I figured there was NO WAY the stick would yield any more from its tiny little crevasses. 

Much to my surprise there were still huge globs of stain stick in the very bottom!  I've been working on the crevasses for a few weeks now & still haven't run out.

Another was to get the max out of your tub products is to use a lipstick brush.  Once your lipsticks/chapsticks become uncomfortable to apply, try using the brush.  It's amazing how long you can make your lipsticks last this way!  And remember, you don't necessarily need a lipstick brush, a small art brush or something of the like could certainly do the trick Additionally if you were able to pry the leftovers out of the tube I've heard of people melting them down in pill organizers & applying with a clean finger tip. 

Remember the point is to save money & make things last as long as possible, so look at things you have on hand to remove the leftovers from your various tubes.  Be creative & use whatever works.  Happy saving!

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