Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Shopping Trip

This past weekend I made one last shopping trip for the month.  My main goal was to cover the holes left by my previous shopping trip & to use the remainder of my coupons.  Here's the break down...

  • Kellogg's Mini Wheats--$3.28 minus rebate on box-->FREE after rebate
  • Finesse--$2.86 minus $1 newspaper coupon & $2 newspaper rebate-->FREE + $0.14 after rebate
  • Reese's Mini (Father's Day junk food splurge)--$2.68 each minus 2 x $2 newspaper coupons--> $0.68 each
  • Creamer--3 @ $1.88 minus 3 x $0.55 coupons from Vocalpoint --> $1.33 each **This is 8 cents more than what I paid earlier in the week, but I figured it wasn't worth the extra gas to try to save 24 cents.
  • V8 Juice--2 @ $1.98 minus $1 newspaper coupon-->$1.48 each
  • Suave Professionals--2 @ $2.74 minus 2 free product facebook coupons-->FREE!
  • Pads:  (TMI Time: After having E I didn't have enough samples & ended up running out & having to pay...horror of horrors...FULL RETAIL.  Even though I don't have a bun in my oven, I am STOCKING UP on anything under $0.75 for any potential bambinos.) 
    • Tena $2.86 minus $2 coupon from a sample --> $0.68 
    • Carefree $0.94 each minus two free products from newspaper --> FREE! 
  • Cheese-- 2 @ $2.48 minus one free product coupon & one $1 off coupon from Kraft First Taste-->$0.74 each
  • Candle--$2.98 minus one free product coupon from Glade's facebook-->  FREE!
  • Cottonelle Tubs-- 2 @ $2.74 minus 2 free product coupons from their Get Fresh with a Friend campaign-->FREE!  *I'm saving these for potty training as those Kandoo wipes are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive.  
  • Ham Sandwich--$3 minus one free product coupon from Kraft First Taste-->FREE lunch for my handsome husband!
  • Bananas--$0.94 my only purchase without a coupon

Grand Total:  $45.68 worth of products for $9.45 after coupons & rebates!  Woot Woot!  Here's hoping I can keep up this kind of couponing success!

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