Monday, June 6, 2011

Cheapskate Grocery Shopping

I'm not a fabulous couponer.  I don't have a price book & in general I'm relatively sure I'm not the most frugal shopper around.  I do 90% of my grocery shopping once a month at Aldi.  I've found the more I go to stores, the more I spend, so I try to do one major haul at the beginning of the month & then only get necessities (milk & produce) as the month progresses.  I shop at Aldi because they seem to always have the best bottom line prices, & they have an amazing money back guarantee, so if something spoils or the like, I just take my item back & get a replacement & my money back.  If you haven't tried them you'll save a ton, I promise.

Because I find Aldi so cheap, I use their prices as my bottom price, so if I can get something with coupons cheaper than what I'd pay at Aldi, I buy it.   I really find our local chain of grocery stores infuriating (in lack of options, price, & coupon acceptance) but they do double coupons.  Today I decided to experiment & see what I could get at said obnoxiously infuriating local store..

I bought $30 worth of groceries for....$9.95.  Here's how I did it:
  • Sweet Potato Fries $2.98--Free after Ore-Ida facebook coupon (no longer avaliable)
  • Brownies (Yum!) $2.22--Minus $0.50 coupon doubled--Final Price $1.22-->Oh the hubs is happy!  :)
  • Provolone $2.99--Minus $1 newspaper coupon--Final Price $1.99 -->Not a fabulous deal on cheese, but I needed it
  • Sunchips  $3.79--Free after Frito Lay facebook coupon (no longer available)-->I'm WAYYYYY too cheap to buy these, so this coupon is aMAYzing!
  • 2 Boxes of Mini Wheats 2 @ $3.28--Minus BOGO Free coupon & 2 $1.00 coupons from Vocalpoint making these only $0.64 a box. -->This is a huge deal because we've just run out of my free Kashi, so I'm glad to have another deal. Plus, they currently have a promotion for you can try the cereal for free after rebate, so I think I'm going to get another box.
  • Coffee Creamer $4.70 for 2--Minus 2 Vocalpoint $0.55 coupons doubled--Final Price $1.25 each  --> I don't think this is a great deal, so I'll find out more tomorrow when I finish shopping.  The store would only take 2 coupons for the same item per each transaction, so I'm going to have to finish shopping at Wal-Mart tomorrow.  Grrr...
  • V8 $2.29--Minus $0.50 newspaper coupon doubled--Final Price $1.29 which is cheaper than Aldi tomato juice & I'd rather have veg juice for my chili anyway.
  • Pasta $1.19-- Minus $0.40 newspaper coupon doubled--Final Price $0.39
Not too shabby, but I'm really hoping to finish using all of my coupons tomorrow to get more great deals for the month.   Stay tuned...

*For those of you interested in free samples & high value coupons sign up for Vocalpoint.  It takes a little while to start receiving samples, but once you do they are always accompanied with amazing coupons so you can get really great deals. 

**Also, if you want to try new products & get coupons for FREE food sign up for Kraft First Taste.  Kraft will send you a coupon for you to try their new product & then let them know what you think about it.  I tend to get a coupon once a month & occasionally it's for things I wouldn't buy, but it's a nice treat & it can definitely help my budget.  In the past two months I've gotten coupons for a free package of cheese & free lunch meat for JC.  And you know FREE is my favorite word!!


  1. i tried to shop at said grocery store one day and they wouldn't take my printed coupons because they were black and white... not worth my time to go there :( Kind of excited to move back to a place with a Kroger

  2. Kathy, I'm so jealous about your future access to Kroger. I miss it so much! I hope you've found a house! :)