Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recycled Alphabet Magnets

I'm a huge recycler, even if that means I can't throw everything in my recycle bin.  Recently I discovered that I couldn't recycle lids in my area.  It has been killing me to think of throwing them away, so I have been trying to come up with some practical way to reuse them in our home.  Then the other day, while surfing on Amazon for alphabet letter magnets it hit me-- I could make magnets out of my milk lids!

Per my usual crafting I tried to use things on hand (why spend money if you can use stuff that's free), but this is just a loose idea of what you could use.  Adjust as you'd like.

  • assorted milk/juice lids
  • magnets (I used magnets from old magnetic notepads)
  • scrapbook paper
  • letter stickers or a marker
  • glue


1.  Trace the milk lid to create a pattern for your paper.


2.  Adhere letter sticker.  I bought mine from Walmart two years ago & am unsure if they're still available.  You could also draw your own letters or print pretty letters from the internet.   These could also hold little pictures & other assorted lovelies.  Get as creative as you'd like!

3.  Glue down the paper inside the lid. I used hot glue.  (On a side note because we don't buy paper plates I use my left over vegetable trays from Aldi as a glue catcher.  Just another way to try & re-purpose.)

4.  Adhere the magnet on the back.  I tried hot glue but that didn't hold permanently; however super glue worked.  Let me know if another kind of glue works for you. 
5.  Stick to magnetic surface & let the learning & play begin!

So far I only have A-E, but we're almost to the end of two other gallons of milk.  Here comes F & maybe G to meet you at  the top of the coconut tree!

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