Thursday, July 21, 2011

Helping Your Books Survive Your Kids

I love books & have been collecting children's books from the moment we got married in hopes that I would raise a little reader too. Fortunately E LOVES her books, but  in no time her board books were showing some serious wear.

After watching them die a slow death I figured I needed to do something to help them last a little longer. I took a queue from the library & decided to reinforce the binding with tape.   

Simply take clear tape & tape the length of the binding.  Take your time, you don't air bubbles & you really only want to do this once, especially if your book is already battered.  Once you've applied the tape to the binding carefully smooth it down on either side. 

When it's said & done you can hardly tell the tape is there, with the exception of the end where the tape was broken.  I first tried this several months ago & the books are still going strong.  If you've got little ones at home this is a great way to get more life out of their books.  You might just love it so much you do all the books in your home. 


  1. this is so funny - I was looking at tape on yesterday b/c they emailed a bunch of coupons but I was (rightly so) leary of how great of deals they would yeild... and I saw... Scotch tape specifally for books! I don't remember the price, but it might be worth it! The only books we have that are dying a slow and painful death are ones I was not sweet too (or maybe too sweet on) as a baby myself. Side note - would LOOOVE for you to do a post on how it is you keep all these super cute things from when you were little (and newer things) for Little E w/o having a house that looks like Hoarders. B/c we, are SO headed that way LOL :D

  2. I think we might be headed for Hoarders too! I actually watch that show when I need motivation to clean. Right now I'm cleaning out our attic & I have SOOOO much paper that I am horrified. I'm going to post about E's room shortly & you'll see how we are walking that fine, fine line of being hoarders! :)

  3. A friend suggested once to cover new books w/ *clear contact paper* (it's not really paper! lol). I always forget BUT it totally works AND not only lengthens their life span BUT basically makes the covers 'washable' w/ a damp sponge! She does it to ALL of her books! I did do it to a few paper back Bibles & they have lasted me well. (& I had initially bought them from the thrift store used to begin with)

    & I use hoarders to motivate me too! ;-)

  4. Oooh contact paper is such an obvious choice! And the washable benefit is so priceless. Excellent suggestions.

    Glad to see Hoarders is helping us all. :)