Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Living With Less

While thinking about moving one always contemplates everyTHING that has to be moved.  I'm ashamed to say that despite my recent attic purge, I am still a very long way from getting rid of all of our excess.  And when I think about ever having to move again I am daunted by the amount of boxes it would take. 

That being said I have recently found some people on Youtube who don't have a lot of stuff, primarily because they don't have anywhere to put it.  They intentionally live in incredibly small spaces, in order to have other opportunities.  I find it super inspiring (for the record, my husband finds it a little odd).  Whatever your take, it's certainly interesting to see what can be done with less. 

Here's a video of a family living in 320 square feet.  I have to say she is SUPER creative with their tiny space.

Here's a woman living aboard a sailboat in order to sail around the world.  If only the idea didn't freak me out...

Maybe some day we'll get out of 100 degree heat & I can get back up to the attic.

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