Friday, July 22, 2011

On My Mind--Paper Purge

This week I'm joining Rhonda, over at Down to Earth in a Friday photo of what is on my mind. 
Yesterday I began cleaning out our attic.  Yes, I realize this is not the brightest of ideas in 107 degree weather, but I saw an opportunity, so I took it. 

To the left is the fruit of my labor--That's an overflowing 40 gallon recycle bin, plus a big box of paper, & a paper grocery sack.  Believe it or not I'm still not done, but I've made a dent. 

I ended up recycling most of my teaching materials & college notes.  I felt a little that I was throwing my college education in the bin, but I figured the likelyhood of me ever using the exact same materials again is slim.  Better off headed to to the recycle plant. 

What's on your mind this weekend?


  1. Hi Alison, that's a great step forward, and on such a hot day! I think you should get double points.

  2. I agree with Rhonda - DOUBLE points to you for tackling such a job in this heat. We are getting a sprinkling of rain and our temp has dropped from 100* to 91* in the last 30 minutes. HAPPY HOUSEHOLD PURGE!